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Jim Tavare as Walt in "Warmed-Over Krautrock"

Jim Tavaré  (Walt)

When We Kill the Creators (2020)

From Deadpan to Bedpan (one-man show; U.K. tour, 2019,

Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 2018)

Tales of Frankenstein (Amazon Prime Video, 2018)

Turbo Tax Super Bowl commercial (2017)

Jimmy Kimmel Live (2013)

Chuck (NBC, 2012)

Californication (Showtime, 2012)

Last Comic Standing (NBC, 2008)
Jim Tavaré Pictures Presents
(BBC, 2005; also writer)
The Sketch Show (ITV, 2001-04; also co-writer; winner, BAFTA Award,

Best Comedy Series)
The Jim Tavaré Show (BBC2, 1999; also co-writer)

The Royal Variety Performance (BBC, 1992, '94, '98)



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Kate Dalton  (Lysette)

Kate on IMDB

Even After Everything (2018)

Stop the Bleeding! (Web series, 2013-18)

The Detour (TBS, 2017)

Kate Can't Swim (Slamdance Film Festival, 2017)

The Key (Hollywood Film Festival, 2015)

Togetherness (HBO, 2015)

Delivery Man (2013)


Derek James Elstro  (Chris)

Derek on IMDB

I 29 S (short film, 2018; also wrote and directed)

The Uncanny Valley (short film, 2018)

GLOW (Netflix, 2017)

Mr. Tolliver (short film, 2017; also wrote and directed)

Red Light Diaries (Web series, 2016)

Tattoo Nightmares Miami (Spike TV, 2014)

Adam Weber  (Duane)

Adam on IMDB

Community Theater Christmas (2019)

Clean Break (Virtual Reality series, 2019)

Alone (Amazon Prime Video, short film, 2018)

Timeless (NBC, 2018)

Proxy Kill (Amazon Prime Video, 2018)

Varsity Punks (Amazon Prime Video, 2017)

Blindness (Palm Springs International Short Film Festival, 2017)

Derek James Elstro as Chris in "Warmed-Over Krautrock"
Cara Leahy as Erin in "Warmed-Over Krautrock"
Anadel Baughn Barbour as Alexis in "Warmed-Over Krautrock"

Cara Leahy  (Erin)

Cara on IMDB

 Anadel Baughn Barbour

Anadel on IMDB


Lapham Rising (forthcoming)

By Proxy (short film, 2018)

Jerky (short film, 2017)

Obsessive (short film, 2016)

Glimpse (short film, 2016)


Bec Doyle

(Improbably Hot Girl)

Bec on IMDB

 Pia Lamberg

(Even More Improbably Hot Girl)

Pia on IMDB

Nick Anton as Cutting-Edge Guy in "Warmed-Over Krautrock"

Nick Antonyan

(Cutting-Edge Guy)

Nick on IMDB

Mike Bobbitt as Average Joe Customer in "Warmed-Over Krautrock"

Mike Bobbitt

(Average Joe Customer)

Mike on IMDB

Jake Shideler as Slick Dude in "Warmed-Over Krautrock"

Jake Shideler (Slick Dude)

Jake on IMDB

Rahul Parikh as Another Slick Dude in "Warmed-Over Krautrock"

Rahul Parikh   (Another Slick Dude)

Rahul on IMDB

Mitchell Sanford as Indie Nice Guy in "Warmed-Over Krautrock"

Mitchell Sanford 

(Indie Nice Guy)

Mitchell on IMDB

Michael Rippe as Laughing Guy in "Warmed-Over Krautrock"

Michael Rippe

(Laughing Guy)

Michael on IMDB

And also featuring Natalia Kozitsky, Olivia Miller, and Tom Zarzecki.

Photos by Erik Neldner

Additional photography by Hannah Hogan, Carly Miller, and Mark Tompkins.

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